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Privacy Notice

Information Collection, Use and Disclosure

During the course of your involvement with The Blue Door, we may collect, use or disclose personal information about you for the following purposes:

  • Assisting you to sell your property;
  • Assisting you to purchase a property;
  • Assisting you to to lease a property (either as a lessor or lessee);
  • Assisting you to obtain a loan;
  • Assisting you with payment or refund of a bond;
  • Assisting you with tenancy disputes;
  • Coordinating repairs or maintenance of a property owned or leased by you;
  • Recording or accessing information at the Titles Registry Office or other Governement Agency;
  • Recording or accessing information at the Residential Tenanacies Authority;
  • Recording or accessing information on Tenancy Information Services or databases;
  • Client and business relationship management;
  • Marketing of products and services to you;

The types of personal information we may collect, use of disclose about you includes but is not limited to:

  • Your full name;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your residential address;
  • Your email address;
  • Your home, work or mobile telephone numbers;
  • Your occupation and business address;
  • Financial information including details of your employer, income, name of bank or financial institution;
  • Details of your spouse;
  • Details of properties owned by you;

In order to provide products and services to you, we may disclose your personal information to the persons/organisaitions described below:

  • In the event you are a seller or a lessee, we may disclose your personal information to prospective buyers of the property owned or leased by you;
  • In the event you are a buyer or lessee, we may discose your personal information to the sellers of the property you are purchasing or leasing;
  • Your legal advisor(s) and the legal advisor(s) representing the other party(s) involved in your transaction;
  • Your financial institution and/or financial advisor;
  • Insurance providors and brokers;
  • Utility providers and utility connection service providers;
  • Persons or organisations involved in providing, managing or administering your product or service including independent contractors engaged by us as real estate agents;
  • Tradespeople engaged by us to repair or maintain a property owned or leased by you;
  • Organisations involved in maintaining, reviewing and developing our business systems, procedures and infrastructure including maintaining or upgrading our computer services;
  • Persons or organisations involved in purchasing part or all of our business;
  • Our related companies;
  • Organisations involved in the payments systems including financial institutions, merchants and payment organisations;
  • The Titles Registry Office or other government agencies;
  • The Residential Tenancies Authority;
  • Police;
  • Tenancy Inforamtion Services and Databases;
  • Real Estate websites;
  • Real Estate peak bodies;




Whenever it is reasonable or practicable to do so, we will collect your personal information directly from you.  Sometimes it will be necessary for us to collect information from a third party or a publicly available source, such as a credit reporting agency, your legal advisor, your past or current employers, your previous lessors or property managers and all tenanacy information services or databases.


In the course of providing services to you, it may be necessary for us to enter your personal information into form generation software and real estate websites.  Depending on the terms of use of such software and websites, a third party may acquire rights to use or disclose information entered into the relevant forms or websites.


We may disclose your personal information to receipients within Australia or to overseas receipients.  Should information be required to be sent interstate or overseas, we will take steps to protect the privacy of your information.


In the event that you do not consent to The Blue Door collecting and releasing your personal information as described above, we may be unable to provide the services requested by you.


Access to, and correction of personal information

You have the right to request to access your information and to request that The Blue Door update or correct your personal information.  A charge may apply for providing access to your information.

Our Privacy Policy contains further information about how you may request access to, and correction of, your personal information. 


Contacting Us


You may contact us by mail, email or telephone as follows:


P: PO Box 354, Varsity Lakes, QLD  4227


T: 0404042212




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